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WhistleblowersUK is
a not for profit company limited by guarantee, registered number 09347927. 

Registered office:

Kemp House, 152-160, City Road, London EC1V 2NX


WhistleblowersUK is a not for profit organisation that reinvests its surplus income to provide help, support and information to whistleblowers.

We promote ethical standards of conduct and compliance with the law in the public and private sectors. We support whistle-blowers and campaign for positive changes to policies and legislation. 

WhistleblowersUK offers expert, compassionate and practical advice and guidance. We understand the difficulties that making disclosures in the public interest bring. We can refer whistle-blowers to trusted legal and other professional services when needed.

WhistleblowersUK is influential in articulating the need for changes to organisational practices, national policy and the law. We are effective in ensuring such changes are delivered. Our Chief Executive is a regular contributor to discussions with regulators, MPs and senior HR professionals as well as a speaker on whistle-blowing in the UK and in the United States where British businesses often have operations.

"I have seen first hand the pressure and prejudice that can be applied to whistleblowers and know that the changes we demand will challenge the existing status quo, but this cannot and will not deter us." 

- Tom Lloyd QPM MA, Chairman WhistleblowersUK

"I cannot stress enough the importance of seeking expert advice and guidance BEFORE you do anything, and that includes making the whistle-blower disclosure in the first place.

Whilst you have an obligation to make a disclosure in the public interest, you also have an obligation to yourself and your family by ensuring that those interests are properly protected in the event that you suffer retaliation, blacklisting or other detriment." 

- Financial Sector Whistle-blower