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Our Mission: To provide advice and support for those who are considering acting on their conscience
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WBUK is strictly a not-for-profit organisation, run entirely by our whistleblower members, with the assistance of our supporters. We seek to help our members and any whistleblower needing help, advice and support. We are not connected, directly or indirectly with any media, or journalistic organisation. For more information see the 'About Us' page.

If you need our help then call us on the

WBUK HELPLINE 01302 944 785 ( 01302 WHISTL) or contact us at - helpme@wbuk.org

How We Can Help

We know that unfortunately whistleblowers are not protected. Our members have been there and they know that it can be a very lonely place. If you are considering blowing the whistle at work, it may be useful to talk confidentially with someone who will understand your situation from first-hand experience. Our members have pooled together their experience and the lessons they have learned to guide and support whistleblowers.

Legal and Therapeutic Support

We have assembled a network of pro-bono lawyers, psychologists/therapists and other professionals who can provide help, insight and support with whom you may also seek advice or assistance on legal, emotional and financial matters.

Please see our 'What We Offer' page for more information.


Public Debate at the Palace
of Westminster -
24th February 2016
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33rd Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime
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What help can I get?
How do I deal with the press?
How can I protect my family?
Why should I trust you?
Is there a cost?
How can I help?

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