“Whistleblowers are being sacked and threatened with violence for trying to shed light on life-threatening malpractice in the construction trade, industry leaders have said.”

The persecution of whistleblowers is everywhere, and in this case lives are at risk if sub-standard material is used in construction.

“In one case, unrelated to Grenfell, a former factory manager for one of the biggest cavity wall insulation companies in Britain blew the whistle on its manufacturing of cheap insulation that was below the certified standard, was not fire retardant and would not fill the cavity when injected into walls.”

Guess what? “When I kept bringing it up, the director told me to turn a blind eye and don’t worry, no one sees it inside the wall.”

Sadly, the almost inevitable outcome: “The man was eventually sacked and has failed to find work in the industry since.”

“Brian Moore, deputy chief executive of the BBA (British Board of Agrément, the body that guarantees the safety of insulation) and a former chief constable of Wiltshire, said that there was no adequate mechanism to co-ordinate a response to criminal behaviour and malpractice in the construction industry. “It cannot be more serious,” he said.

That looks like more evidence of the need for a national Office for the Whistleblower.