"Senior politicians and campaigners are demanding a radical overhaul of whistleblowing protections after a series of high profile cases have highlighted gaps in public interest disclosure legislation.

They warn that scandals such as the deaths at Gosport War Memorial Hospital will be repeated because employers are not statutorily required to investigate concerns raised by whistleblowers. Instead, those who speak out can find their careers in tatters and face a battle for compensation through the employment tribunal at huge personal and financial cost."

"However, Baroness Kramer, the Liberal Democrat peer, says that there is a “growing drumbeat” for the UK’s legislation to be reformed. She is co-chairwoman of the all-party parliamentary group on whistleblowing. “I spent many years working in the US corporate world, where there is much greater respect for whistleblowers,” she recalls. “Seeing how so many whistleblowers here were treated while I was on the parliamentary commission on banking standards was shocking.”

"Georgina Halford-Hall set up WBUK in 2014 after experiencing first-hand the trauma of being a whistleblower and finding herself under arrest. She was vindicated but she says: “The legal protections are nothing more than a placebo. There is no statutory obligation to investigate allegations under Pida and it is not the role of the employment tribunal to decide if a protected disclosure is upheld, which allows unsafe and illegal practices to continue.”