Our CEO Georgina Halford-Hall is running a workshop at the prestigious Festival of Education on the 21st June 2018.  Joining her will be a partner in the law firm Constantine Cannon, Mary Inman, also an expert in whistleblowing law.

It is a great honour, and welcome recognition of the work of Georgina and WhistleblowersUK that we have been invited to this event. Sadly, we have too much experience of how whistleblowers have been badly treated by school leadership and how kids have suffered as a result.  We hope to share some of our experiences and knowledge in order to help others to develop and implement better procedures so that kids are better protected from harm.

The session is titled:

"The reality of whistleblowing - why procedures need to be better"  12.20 p.m. 21/6/2108
Georgina Halford-Hall | Chief Executive, WhistleblowersUK & Mary Inman | Partner, Constantine Cannon