We have responded to the government consultation on draft regulations concerning trade secrets as follows:


Dear Sir or Madam,

We are writing regarding the UK’s imminent transposition of the EU’s Trade Secrets Directive. Our primary concern is to ensure that this law which is aimed at protecting legitimate trade secrets does not interfere with, other than to strengthen, the rights of and protections for whistleblowers. 

We know from our considerable experience of the problems currently faced by whistleblowers that protections for them are essential and it is imperative that the existing provisions in UK law contained in the Public Interest Disclosure Act are included and strengthened within the transposed directive. 

We are concerned that transposition would create legal ambiguity about protection for whistleblowers in the UK with the consequence that whistleblowers would be even more unwilling to come forward with their legitimate public interest concerns about wrong-doing and criminality. from coming forward to raise legitimate and important public interest concerns in the future.  

Yours faithfully,

Tom Lloyd QPM MA (Oxon)

Chairman, WhistleblowersUK