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Thank you for contacting WhistleblowersUK. We are sorry if you are experiencing difficulties and we would like to help you. Please fill in the Initial Contact Form at the bottom of the page after reading the explanations of "Protected Disclosures" and "Detriment".  Thank you.

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We are an organisation that tries to help whistleblowers who have experienced detriment as a result of their whistleblowing. 

It would be helpful to know more about your circumstances in relation to whistleblowing before we can proceed further.

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Please read these explanations of "Protected Disclosures" and "Detriment" (click on the buttons) before filling in the form.  They are legally defined terms and we must be clear about what has happened to you in order best to support you.

Please also note that if you have household insurance you may also have insurance to pay for legal advice in employment disputes.  It is worth checking your policy.

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