For whistleblowers

Whether you are thinking about whistleblowing or have already done so, you may feel confused and uncertain about what to do next.

We know that the best way to start gaining control of the situation is to create a timeline of your experiences including references to any evidence you may have such as documents, emails, contracts, etc.  If you do this before you contact us we will be able to support you much more effectively and work towards resolving the matter more quickly.

Making a timeline isn't complicated; it's just telling your story in the order in which things have happened.  We know that as you go through the events in a methodical way this process also helps you to remember important details.  With a timeline we will have the full facts with which to support you.

This timeline template should help you.

"I cannot stress enough the importance of seeking expert advice and guidance BEFORE you do anything, and that includes making the whistleblower disclosure in the first place.

Whilst you have an obligation to make a disclosure in the public interest, you also have an obligation to yourself and your family by ensuring that those interests are properly protected in the event that you suffer retaliation, blacklisting or other detriment." 

- Financial Sector Whistle-blower